(1) Welcome reception and cocktail, Sunday 29 March, from 5 pm to 8 pm.
It will take place in the Puccini House Museum, in the centre of Lucca:
A link on google maps is here:
An exclusive guided tour to the museum (about 45 min) will be arranged. The
participants will be splitted up in two groups.
(2) Guided tour of Lucca by bike on Monday 30 March at about 6 pm, after the working day.
(3) Excursion to Pisa, Tuesday 31 March, from 2.30 pm to 8 pm.
Transportation by coach will be provided. In Pisa we organize a guided tour
of the city (max 1 hour). The Cathedral and the Baptistere in Piazza dei Miracoli
are also included in the visit.
For those interested in climbing on the top of the Leaning Tower, they will
have to buy a ticket by their own. Although it is possible to buy a ticket on site,
it might happen not to have a visit turn before 8 pm in case of many tourists!
We therefore recommend to book the ticket for the tower online
in order to make a reservation. The link is:
(4) Social dinner in Lucca, Wednesday 1 April, from 8 pm.
It will take place in the historical restaurant Buca di Sant'Antonio: http://www.bucadisantantonio.com/
A link on googlemaps is here: